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DJ Rashad & the Body Electric Poetics of the Chicago Footwork Scene October 19, 2016: Right Temptation The synths fire like the loaded guns planted in the middle of the jungle gyms on the playgrounds of Chicago’s Southside neighborhoods, black breaking as jade breaks astral fabulous [...] by

Reparations begin in the body: A look at why the first and most crucial poetic gesture for a black poet in the West is a knowledge and mastery of her body October 6, 2016: Look for me in the whirlwind She teaches us that voodoo was used as a means, during slavery, for slaves to break free from the slave master. When the slave wanted to break free from the master, the [...] by

Dead Poets Society of America Founder Visits 500th Poet’s Grave: the Tomb of Sun Ra July 20, 2015: In his trusty van, “Dedgar The Poemobile,” Dead Poets Society of America Founder, Walter Skold, has been traversing the country for six years, documenting the final resting places of [...] by

Deterritorializations: Patterning and Incongruities April 24, 2013: I think of language as an animate non-object by