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Responses & [Non]Non-Comforts Re: the ConPo / Affect Debate July 31, 2013: For those of you desiring to keep up with the most recent incarnation of debate/discussion around Conceptual writing–started anew with Cal Bedient’s piece on affect at the Boston Review, [...] by

Susan Schultz Adds to ‘Contemporary American Poetry’ Debate June 27, 2013: On the Tinfish Editor’s Blog, Susan Schultz writes about Mark Edmundson’s article, “Poetry Slam: The Decline of American Verse,” forthcoming in Harper’s. We’ve [...] by

Responding to Jack London is Dead: Contemporary Euro-American Poetry of Hawai’i February 5, 2013: In late 2012, TinFish press released Jack London Is Dead: Contemporary Euro-American Poetry of Hawai’i. On the Tinfish Editor’s Blog, Susan Schultz responds to some early reactions and [...] by

Susan Schultz Edits Special Feature on Dementia at EOAGH August 14, 2012: Poet and Tinfish editor Susan M. Schultz has edited a special feature over at the lovingly unpronounceable EOAGH, which is amplifying its website to feature more and more interesting [...] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions, Many More Answers November 6, 2009: Many thanks to Brent E. Beltrán and Consuelo Manríquez de Beltrán of Calaca Press, Patrick Durgin of Kenning Editions, and Willie Perdomo of Cypher Books for their responses to my indie publishing [...] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions and More Answers October 31, 2009: Regarding my previous post on indie publishing, Glen has commented, “In some ways I feel like there’s too much poetry being published right now and not enough filtering, so it’s interesting [...] by