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Artinfo Took Notes at Triple Canopy’s Ecstatic Prose Event May 27, 2016: If you missed this past weekend’s Triple Canopy Ecstatic Prose event–with Hilton Als, Andrew Durbin, Tan Lin, Rivka Galchen, Sukhdev Sandhu, Christine Smallwood, Jonathon Sturgeon, and [...] by

Aaron Kunin Points to the Aesthetic Ground September 29, 2015: “Would Vanessa Place Be a Better Poet If She Had Better Opinions?” asks Aaron Kunin at Nonsite. Kunin posits that Place’s work might just be “poorly written,” [...] by

Kenny Goldsmith in The New Yorker: ‘An artist’s right to make a mistake is much more sacred than anyone’s feelings’ September 28, 2015: A piece in the October 5 issue of The New Yorker looks at Kenneth Goldsmith’s recent “challenging behavior.” “Goldsmith, who is fifty-four, likes pranks and provocations and [...] by

Tan Lin on TV With a Life, Insomnia and the Aunt, & More July 10, 2015: At the Asian American Writers’ Workshop blog, The Margins, “no-single-medium man” Tan Lin discusses his 2011 book, Insomnia and the Aunt (Kenning Editions), “which explores [...] by

Disingenuity November 12, 2014: [Editor’s Note: Lucy Ives delivered a version this talk at the Poetry Foundation on October 9, 2014 as part of the Harriet Reading Series. Other “Open Door” features can be found [...] by

NYC’s Museum of Modern Art to Host Writing Workshop with Tan Lin Beginning October 10! October 2, 2013: Five sessions! Starts October 10th! Who else leads writing workshops like Tan Lin? No one! That’s right. It’s going to be one of the best, neatest, and most refreshing experiences that [...] by

Tan Lin and Brian Teare Tear Up The Dance Floor at The Volta May 31, 2013: How else could we find out the really cool details about poets that we love, like, that Tan Lin writes in his office about disco, if it weren’t for The Volta’s Take Down the Clouds: 1. [...] by

Joshua Marie Wilkinson Reviews Tan Lin’s Insomnia and the Aunt February 28, 2013: Joshua Marie Wilkinson has certainly fulfilled his reviewing duties (very generously!!) with this one over at West Branch Wired. Wilkinson looks at books by Cole Swensen, Fanny Howe, Tan Lin, Anselm [...] by

Tan Lin and Angela Genusa Talk New Forms of the Book at Rhizome October 25, 2012: “A Book Is Technology” is an interview with the fascinating poet, novelist, and filmmaker Tan Lin at Rhizome. Lin talked with Angela Genusa about what a book could be, what reading might [...] by

Watch Video from Tan Lin’s ‘Powerpoint and the Perfume of Reading’ at Artists Space July 30, 2012: It’s possible you missed Tan Lin’s presentation at Artists Space last week, but lucky you, somebody videotaped it, as they used to say. More about “Powerpoint and the Perfume of [...] by