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‘balls have zero to me to me…’: AI’s Non-Human Language June 21, 2017: Last week we reported on a Facebook AI experiment, wherein bots who were programmed to engage in negotiations began to develop their own language. Yesterday at the Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance follows [...] by

Machines Develop Non-Human Language June 16, 2017: Forget bots who write poetry, and forget all the funny slippages AI algorithms make when inventing names of new paint. According to the Atlantic’s Adrienne LaFrance, machines are developing [...] by

The Atlantic on Patricia Lockwood’s Big-R Romantic Endeavor April 18, 2017: The Atlantic’s James Parker considers the work of Patricia Lockwood–both her poetry and her sharp wit as exhibited on Twitter, how she “felt [the current political climate] in her [...] by

It’s Not Unusual: Trump Falls Into Republican Trend, Lacks Inaugural Poet January 20, 2017: According to the Atlantic, Donald Trump (for a so-called outsider) isn’t breaking party lines when it comes to poetry. The newly-minted President hasn’t invited a poet to speak at his [...] by

‘Out of Many, One’: Karen Swallow Prior on Walt Whitman’s View of America December 30, 2016: At The Atlantic, Karen Swallow Prior reads Walt Whitman with a view of America post-election. She writes “Notably, Whitman’s grammar (‘the United States are’) signals his [...] by

Letters From ‘the Unexamined Deep Sea of the Culture’ December 15, 2016: The Atlantic’s Robert Fay examines the letters of three literary giants—Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow, and Elizabeth Bishop—in order to find insight into the process of aging. He writes [...] by

American Small Presses Thriving, Says the Atlantic July 20, 2016: The Atlantic covers the need for smaller publishing houses, looking at Graywolf, Coffee House, Dorothy, Two Dollar Radio, and Tin House. [W]hen editors and publishers feel they need to fight for [...] by

In Boston, It’s Raining Poetry May 23, 2016: The Atlantic’s City Lab unit has been following record rainfall this year in the Boston area. In April, Boston City Hall and Mass Poetry teamed up to present a new city-wide poetry (and [...] by

Emma Ramadan Talks About Translating & Writing Genderless Characters May 12, 2016: Emma Ramadan, translator of writer, professor, and Oulipo member Anne Garréta’s Sphinx (Deep Vellum 2015), talks to The Atlantic about how she came to the novel (originally written almost 30 [...] by

Kathryn Harrison Discusses Her Favorite Passage of Joseph Brodsky’s Writing, at the Atlantic May 3, 2016: Kathryn Harrison is the author of True Crimes: A Family Album. At the Atlantic Harrison shares one of her tips for writing students (“stop thinking”) and reflects on her favorite Joseph [...] by