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The Rustbelt Rises from the Ruins: Rochelle Hurt at Best American Poetry July 8, 2014: This week at Best American Poetry blog, Rochelle Hurt examines the aesthetics of ruin. As a native of Youngstown, Ohio, Hurt looks at the trend of ruins in contemporary writing through rust colored [...] by

John Ashbery reads from his translation of Rimbaud at the New School February 18, 2011: Via The Best American Poetry, John Ashbery reads his translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Promontory” from Illuminations. Originally published in 1886, Norton will release [...] by

European and Anglophone identities combine in experimental UK poetry January 18, 2011: On The Best American Poetry blog, Leslie McGrath talks with Carrie Etter, an American expat poet living in England, about the relationships between American and British experimental poetry. When [...] by