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‘Negative is not the same as critical’: Boston Review Reviews The Claudius App September 17, 2013: The Claudius App 5 put the firefighting sense back in hotspot (we wrote about its helium effect here). David Gorin at the Boston Review looks back at all five issues of the consummate bed for [...] by

Good Conscience: Rob Halpern Covers Conceptualism & Georges Perec August 9, 2013: A couple of things to relate to the All-Clad conversation on Conceptualism: Rob Halpern penned an essay pre-Bedient for The Claudius App IV, “Conceptual Writing by Rethood Onroda.” A [...] by

The Claudius App V Is Burning Down NYC August 6, 2013: We’re unadulterated: The Claudius App V is live! While we at Harriet are clearly partial to the interface of TCA IV, the newest issue is on fire–its Splash a detourned Sim for a torching [...] by

The Claudius App Loves The Poetry Foundation February 19, 2013: Looks like all of our supportive promotional efforts have paid off: The Claudius App has nabbed our Poetry App for their newest issue–what an homage! And kudos on design work, wowza. 17 poems [...] by