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Windham-Campbell Prize Surprises Australian Poet Ali Cobby Eckermann March 3, 2017: Indigenous Australian poet Ali Cobby Eckermann just won a Windham-Campbell award, which brings her $165,000 (the awards were announced last week, with another prize in Poetry going to Carolyn [...] by

Max Liu on Robert Lowell’s Relevance March 2, 2017: This year marks the centenary of American poet Robert Lowell’s birth. The poet whose confessional turn in the ’60s raised many an eyebrow, is according to The Guardian writer Max Liu, [...] by

Guardian Readers Meet Grindr’s First Poet in Residence: Max Wallis February 28, 2017: From now on, a new, monthly video poem by Max Wallis will flash before the eyes of Grindr users. Wallis, a fashion model and poet, the face that’s launched a thousand ships into an Evian sea, [...] by

Love & Poetry: A Look at Michael Dransfield & Paula Keogh February 27, 2017: The Guardian delves into the love story between Paula Keogh and Australian poet Michael Dransfield after they met in a psychiatric hospital in the 1970s. Keogh was at work on a dissertation about [...] by

Ezra Pound & The Bughouse February 20, 2017: The Guardian takes a look at Daniel Swift’s new book about Ezra Pound and his years spent unraveling during and after the Second World War. In The Bughouse, Swift examines the United [...] by

Canadian Professor Discovers Footage of Marcel Proust! February 17, 2017: Did you hear that Marcel Proust exists in video now? At The Guardian, Kim Willshire tells us of Canadian professor Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, whose believes a film he discovered at Centre National du [...] by

Filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan Discusses Poet Forough Farrokhzad February 13, 2017: Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan tells the Guardian about his romantic connection with poet Forough Farrokhzad. Known as one of the most significant voices in contemporary Iranian poetry, [...] by

The Battle Over Burns January 26, 2017: The Guardian reports on the U.K.’s Burns Night supper tradition, an event with verse, food, wine, kilts—all to celebrate the birth of Scotland’s literary celeb, Robert Burns. Although [...] by

Young Women Rock the Guardian November 28, 2016: From the inaugural Feminist Writers Festival in Melbourne to the stages of YouTube, an emerging genre of feminist poets are disrupting the discourse about their gender. Indian-Canadian poet Rupi [...] by

Not All Is Lost: Guardian Profiles the Last Poets November 28, 2016: While conducting research for her new book about the Last Poets, Christine Otten delved into the stories of every member: their rise and fall alongside their music. The Guardian published [...] by