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Penguin Modern Poets Strikes Back! June 14, 2016: Guardian reports that the Penguin Modern Poets Series, the UK’s publisher of such luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Stevie Smith, is relaunching in order to highlight a new [...] by

Lorin Stein in Conversation With Frederick Seidel About Widening Income Inequality June 10, 2016: At The Guardian, Harvard-educated student of Ezra Pound and Robert Lowell, Frederick Seidel, speaks with Paris Review editor Lorin Stein about his new collection of poetry Widening Income Inequality. [...] by

R.I.P. Poetry Book Society June 3, 2016: Well this is lousy news. Founded over 60 years ago by T.S. Eliot, England’s Poetry Book Society is shutting its doors due to a lack of funding. From the Guardian: The organisation, which saw [...] by

Guardian Reviews Greek Poets’ Austerity Measures May 11, 2016: Hold up! “A new kind of poetry is flourishing in Greece’s streets, bars and cafes,” the Guardian reports. This adventurous new verse, the likes of which, unseen since the [...] by

Guardian Reviews English Renaissance Poetry edited by John Williams April 15, 2016: Guardian’s Nicholas Lezard applauds a collection of English Renaissance Poetry edited by American author and academic John Williams. Originally published in 1963, this is a [...] by

Guardian Introduces The New Greek Poetry March 28, 2016: At the Guardian Karen Van Dyck, editor of forthcoming Penguin anthology Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry, discusses the ways migration, poverty, and conflict are changing Greek poetry. One of [...] by

China’s Interest in Cambridge Real Estate: Is a Poem to Blame? March 23, 2016: The price of real estate in Cambridge (UK) is rising and the Guardian is wondering whether Xu Zhimo’s poem “Farewell to Cambridge,” written in the 1930s, a poem that many Chinese [...] by

The Guardian Shines a Light on Robert Montgomery’s Public Poetry March 22, 2016: Scottish poet Robert Montgomery is a featured artist in the Guardian’s poetry section, in an article exploring his raconteur distribution practice and artistic process. He has been called a [...] by

‘Whither would you go?’ British Library Digitizes Shakespeare’s Handwritten Plea on Behalf of Migrants March 16, 2016: The British Library is digitizing William Shakespeare’s last play script in his own handwriting: a scene where the playwright imagines Sir Thomas More making a statement on behalf of migrants. [...] by

Jackie Kay Named New Scottish Makar March 16, 2016: The Guardian reports that Scottish writer Jackie Kay has been named the country’s new “makar,” also known as the national poet. Kay told the paper that, “particularly since [...] by