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Lemony Snicket’s Poetry Prize December 23, 2016: Netflix is working on the second screen adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket). With his excess per diem funds from travel, reports the Huffington Post, [...] by

An Interview With Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis Rodriguez August 10, 2016: Los Angeles poet laureate Luis Rodriquez is interviewed at the Huffington Post, talking about (and to) his former self–Rodriguez was once active in a street gang, and is known for his memoir, [...] by

Is Poetry the Best Medium For Changing the World? At HuffPo, Danez Smith and Daveed Diggs Say: Yes July 19, 2016: More Brave New Voices! Yes, the poetry slam festival—which celebrated its 19th annual event—is owning the limelight today on account of its awesomeness. At Huffington Post read a conversation [...] by

Elizabeth Acevedo’s Dismantling of a Corrupt System Through Spoken Word July 15, 2016: At HuffPo’s Latino Voices, a feature on Dominican poet Elizabeth Acevedo, whose spoken word poem “Beloved, Or If You Are Murdered Tomorrow” “captures what she feels it’s like to [...] by

Emily Skillings Talks Dance, Writing Process, and the Nourishing Mist of John Ashbery April 28, 2016: It’s still National Poetry Month, you know. In honor of the April weather, Huffington Post interviewed Emily Skillings, the author of two chapbooks: Backchannel (Poor Claudia) and Linnaeus: The [...] by

Huffington Post Introduces 20 Young Writers of Color and Their Favorite Poems February 9, 2016: Huffington Post takes on the New York Times’s très homogenous literature coverage with this meritorious list of exceptional young writers in their twenties, and the poems to which they aspire. [...] by

Surprise: Sarah Palin’s Trump Endorsement Is Sheer Poetry January 22, 2016: Jedediah Pudy compressed Sarah Palin’s recent Trump-endorsement speech into poems! Read them all at the Huffington Post. Here’s “Invictus 2”: INVICTUS 2 Turning safety nets [...] by

Congratulations to the Winners of 2015 National Book Awards! November 19, 2015: Last night, the National Book Foundation announced the winners of 2015 National Book Awards. Congratulations to Adam Johnson (Fiction), Ta-Nehisi Coates (Nonfiction), Neal Shusterman (Young [...] by

HuffPost’s Valentine to Internet Poetry November 11, 2015: In truth, most poets like the internet (social media is another thing), however The Huffington Post has compiled this handy listicle summarizing a few of the most visible poets utilizing the [...] by

The Gist of the Most Recent AWP Commotion August 28, 2015: Publisher’s Weekly sums up the ruckus surrounding accusations leveled at AWP this week, after a piece at Huffington Post by Kate Gale–Managing Editor of Red Hen Press and one of 18 [...] by