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The New York Times Takes a Hike with Eileen Myles January 14, 2016: Our favorite openly female presidential candidate, Eileen Myles, is back in the news. Earlier this week, you may have noticed Myles in attendance at the Golden Globe Awards; Myles appears in this [...] by

Claudia Rankine Considers the Black Condition in Wake of Charleston Violence June 23, 2015: Claudia Rankine has written a stunning piece for the New York Times Magazine in the wake of the Charleston shooting, focusing on the current condition of black life–that it is one of mourning. [...] by

Gideon Lewis-Kraus on Machine Translation: ‘All texts have some purpose in mind’ June 8, 2015: At the New York Times Magazine, writer Gideon Lewis-Kraus raises some interesting questions around machine translation–from WWII crytopgraphy to algorithms used by Google and Skype Translator [...] by

Patricia Lockwood Featured in The New York Times Magazine May 29, 2014: Wonderful. You can’t stop us if you’ve heard this one, but The New York Times Magazine profiled Patricia Lockwood yesterday! Though Lockwood is placed in our eyes as a “woodland [...] by