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Roxane Gay on Google’s ‘Deafening and Disturbing’ Silence Around Their Deletion of Dennis Cooper’s Blog August 1, 2016: Roxane Gay throws her two cents to the New York Times about the case of the missing Dennis Cooper blog. “I never know what to expect when I read it, but I always know I will be provoked, [...] by

A Look at American Artist Lisa Yuskavage’s Library July 25, 2016: For its column “My Bookshelf, Myself” New York Times asks painter Lisa Yuskavage about her ten favorite reads. Among her selections: Wallace Stevens’s The Palm at the End of the [...] by

The New York Times Reports on Israeli Defense Minister’s Comparing Mahmoud Darwish to Hitler July 25, 2016: The New York Times’s James Glanz writes about the Israeli defense minister’s comparison of Palestine’s national poet, Mahmoud Darwish, to Adolf Hitler, after a program aired on [...] by

Brazil’s Interim President, Michel Temer ‘Gets His Poetry On’ July 20, 2016: Described in this New York Times profile as a “button-down career politician whose demeanor is so cryptically ceremonious that his rivals liken him to a butler in a horror movie”—it may [...] by

Wayne Koestenbaum Hears the Ethics in Adrienne Rich’s Collected Poems July 18, 2016: Wayne Koestenbaum reviews Adrienne Rich’s Collected Poems (Norton, June) for the New York Times. “Poetry’s system of cultivated sounds was, she grew to feel, a patriarchal [...] by

The New York Times Celebrates Dada Centennial, Includes Holland Cotter Tribute to Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven July 12, 2016: Holland Cotter honors Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven for the New York Times’s 100-years-of-Dada feature, which has NYT critics tracing “the movement’s influence in music, art and dance, [...] by

The New York Times Weighs in on The Hatred of Poetry July 8, 2016: “What works against him is the curiously airless, antiseptic nature of the enterprise,” writes Jeff Gordinier for The New York Times about Ben Lerner in The Hatred of Poetry. [...] by

The Poetic Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami July 6, 2016: We’d be remiss not to mention the July 4 passing of filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. He was 76. The Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw remembers Iran’s greatest cinematic poet. [...] by

Beat Poets to the Rescue! June 27, 2016: Last Friday Timothy Egan penned an opinion piece for the New York Times suggesting poets and writers could help save imperiled park lands, as they have done in the past. Central to his argument are [...] by

New York Times’s on Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Novel-Memoir To the Light House June 27, 2016: Legendary San Francisco poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti has had an unlikely friendship with his literary agent, Sterling Lord, for six decades. The two, who met in the height of the sixties, continue to [...] by