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Elizabeth Alexander Recalls Her Day at Obama’s First Inauguration January 19, 2017: Elizabeth Alexander reminisces for the New Yorker about her day as inaugural poet. “This is a story about eight years ago this week,” she writes. “President-elect Barack Obama had [...] by

The New Yorker Looks at Rejoining Rumi & Islam January 9, 2017: The New Yorker’s Page Turner has Rozina Ali writing about the erasure of Islam from the poetry of Rumi. Ali remarks, first off, that celebrities like Coldplay’s Chris Martin have been [...] by

‘I Wanted to be a Diminutive, Profuse, Electric Ribbon of Horniness and Divine Grace’: Maggie Nelson on Prince, at The New Yorker December 28, 2016: Poet Maggie Nelson recounts her first encounter with Prince. The pop star, who died this year, was an early inspiration. Nelson writes: “Was I sexual at ten? I don’t know. I know my father [...] by

Marlene Dietrich’s ‘Night Thoughts’ Accessioned at The New Yorker December 28, 2016: When the actress Marlene Dietrich passed away, Peter and Maria Riva (her children) donated a fraction of her library to the Film Museum in Berlin and the American Library in Paris. But what did she [...] by

New Yorker Posts Favorite Poetry Reads of the Year December 23, 2016: As the New Yorker’s Dan Chiasson attests, this year has not been great. Who knows what the grim future holds? “These days, it’s a morning highlight when I find a sweater on the floor [...] by

The New Yorker’s Year in Poems December 15, 2016: The New Yorker has compiled its favorite poems published in the magazine throughout 2016, and the list includes “Wrapper Frag,” by Peter Gizzi; “Landscape With Loanword and Solstice,” [...] by

Unfolding the Envelope: A Look Into Emily Dickinson’s Scrap Poetry November 29, 2016: Anytime is a good time to read some poems by Emily Dickinson, but over at the New Yorker, Dan Chiasson argues that the current moment may be the best time to delve into verse by the Belle of Amherst. [...] by

Ishion Hutchinson’s House of Lords and Commons Reviewed at the New Yorker November 16, 2016: At the New Yorker, Dan Chiasson takes us for a wild ride through the “Miltonic graffiti” of Ishion Hutchinson’s second book, House of Lords and Commons. Chiasson sets off his review [...] by

‘Epoch in a Large File Box’: Elizabeth Bishop & Alice Methfessel’s Love Story October 28, 2016: At the New Yorker, don’t miss Megan Marshall’s astonishingly well-researched and well-told story about Elizabeth Bishop and Alice Methfessel’s life-long love story that almost [...] by

Peter Gizzi Featured in This Week’s New Yorker October 19, 2016: The New Yorker gives Peter Gizzi some love, as Amanda Petrusich reckons with the poet’s newest collection, Archeophonics (Wesleyan), itself a reckoning with time. It’s perhaps [...] by