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On Angel Island Detention Center’s Enduring Verse February 24, 2017: At The New Yorker, Beenish Ahmed meditates on two books, one academic and one in verse, to fathom the plight of Chinese immigrants upon entry to the United States in the late 19th century. On the [...] by

Lending a Helping Hand: The New Yorker Looks at Shakespeare’s Collaborations February 21, 2017: Fumbling through the interwebs this morning, we stumbled upon Daniel Pollack-Pelzner’s recent article in The New Yorker, a review of The New Oxford Shakespeare, with a focus on the radical [...] by

Christopher Strachey’s Love-Letter-Writing Machine February 15, 2017: Nephew of one of the Bloomsbury group’s founders, Lytton Strachey, Christopher Strachey was a programmer in the University of Manchester computer lab when, in August of 1953, he wrote a program [...] by

Gregory Pardlo’s Air-Traffic-Controller Father February 15, 2017: Gregory Pardlo’s father, Gregory Pardlo, Sr., was in the air traffic control biz. The poet’s story of defying President Ronald Reagan in 1981, hand-in-hand with his father on the picket [...] by

Lucie Brock-Broido Remembers Max Ritvo February 8, 2017: If you’re a reader like us, who never had the opportunity to meet poet Max Ritvo, Lucie Brock-Broido’s heartfelt remembrance is the next best chance to familiarize yourself with the [...] by

Edwidge Danticat Extolls the Virtues of Audre Lorde at New Yorker February 2, 2017: In reaction to the first few days of Trump’s presidency, Edwidge Danticat looks to Audre Lorde’s poetry while reflecting on the changing character of Miami, a place where immigrants could [...] by

Mark Baumer Dies at 33 January 26, 2017: This week we’ve been reading obituaries for Mark Baumer, whose tragic death came on the 100th day of his barefoot walk across the country when he was struck by an SUV in Florida. He intended [...] by

New Yorker Introduces Readers to Claudia Rankine’s Racial Imaginary Institute January 23, 2017: Although Claudia Rankine, the author of ground-breaking collection Citizen, explains to the New Yorker’s Lauretta Charlton that her newest project, the Racial Imaginary Institute, has been in [...] by

Elizabeth Alexander Recalls Her Day at Obama’s First Inauguration January 19, 2017: Elizabeth Alexander reminisces for the New Yorker about her day as inaugural poet. “This is a story about eight years ago this week,” she writes. “President-elect Barack Obama had [...] by

The New Yorker Looks at Rejoining Rumi & Islam January 9, 2017: The New Yorker’s Page Turner has Rozina Ali writing about the erasure of Islam from the poetry of Rumi. Ali remarks, first off, that celebrities like Coldplay’s Chris Martin have been [...] by