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Norma Cole’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Is Distraction March 21, 2013: Our friend Norma Cole, who blogged here on Harriet this time last year, was tagged in the now very long “Next Big Thing” chain, posted over at MadHat Lit. What’s the thing [...] by

This Whole Next Big Thing Thing February 13, 2013: Hi everyone. Hope your day has been good. I’m going to be back tomorrow to pick up where we left off, heading out of the house, up our street, & once we get to the bar up there we’ll [...] by

Divya Victor Is Doing the Next Big Thing February 8, 2013: A new “chain interview” called The Next Big Thing is hopping round the blogosphere, the idea being that once you are tagged, you answer some standard questions and, in turn, tag five more [...] by

Jenn McCreary’s Interview for The Next Big Thing January 24, 2013: We’re looking forward to Jenn McCreary’s book, & Now My Feet Are Maps, forthcoming from Dusie Press this Spring. On her blog, McCreary talks about the inspiration for the [...] by