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Thomas Lux Praises Bill Knott’s Crazy-Beautiful Heart February 16, 2017: Thomas Lux, the editor of Bill Knott’s latest selected poems, I Am Flying Into Myself, passed away early this year, while Knott died in 2014. To mark the publication of I Am Flying, Paris [...] by

Angela Chen on the Japanese ‘Death Poems’ Tradition February 10, 2017: At Paris Review, journalist Angela Chen weighs end-of-life verse traditions in Eastern and Western culture. Born in China, Chen’s parents didn’t give her a name until they immigrated to [...] by

‘Poets Are Diamond Polishers’: Lerner & Kluge in Conversation at Paris Review February 3, 2017: Paris Review’s digital edition features a lively conversation between Ben Lerner and Alexander Kluge about the lyric, prose, and we’re sorry, what?, did someone say green tea crème [...] by

Anthony Madrid Wonders ‘What Is Poetry For?’ September 30, 2016: Paris Review Daily has now published two of Anthony Madrid’s quasi-kōan sets, “Both speech and silence are involved in transcendent detachment and subtle wisdom. How can we pass through [...] by

Cy Twombly: Painter & Poet September 19, 2016: At Paris Review, Mary Jacobus presents pages from her book Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint to demonstrate how poetry inspired Twombly’s painterly work. These images, selected from my book [...] by

At Paris Review: Anthony Madrid on Reviving Meter September 14, 2016: Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! In the Paris Review’s daily installment, Anthony Madrid coaxes readers toward the satisfying and most beneficial effects of the otherwise [...] by

Paris Review Tunes in to Kanye West’s Poetry August 24, 2016: From Paris Review’s “Department of Tomfoolery,” Dan Piepenbring reports on Kanye West’s latest contribution to the poetry world, a poem about McDonald’s in Frank [...] by

Anthony Madrid on Sexy Poetry at Paris Review August 17, 2016: Whew! Is it the heatwave or is it the Earl of Rochester that’s got us sweating? At Paris Review, poet and now-Texan Anthony Madrid shares his thoughts on canonical poetry that contains mature [...] by

Alex Dueben in Conversation with Morgan Parker at Paris Review July 25, 2016: Awesome poet, teacher, and activist (and former Harriet blogger) Morgan Parker is in the spotlight at Paris Review where Alex Dueben engages her in a conversation about the roles of Beyoncé, race, [...] by

Happy Bloomsday! June 16, 2016: How could you forget? Today is Bloomsday: the June 16 holiday that takes place on the very same day that James Joyce’s Ulysses is set. This article from the Paris Review suggests a few ways to [...] by