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Anthony Madrid Wonders ‘What Is Poetry For?’ September 30, 2016: Paris Review Daily has now published two of Anthony Madrid’s quasi-kōan sets, “Both speech and silence are involved in transcendent detachment and subtle wisdom. How can we pass through [...] by

Cy Twombly: Painter & Poet September 19, 2016: At Paris Review, Mary Jacobus presents pages from her book Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint to demonstrate how poetry inspired Twombly’s painterly work. These images, selected from my book [...] by

At Paris Review: Anthony Madrid on Reviving Meter September 14, 2016: Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! In the Paris Review’s daily installment, Anthony Madrid coaxes readers toward the satisfying and most beneficial effects of the otherwise [...] by

Paris Review Tunes in to Kanye West’s Poetry August 24, 2016: From Paris Review’s “Department of Tomfoolery,” Dan Piepenbring reports on Kanye West’s latest contribution to the poetry world, a poem about McDonald’s in Frank [...] by

Anthony Madrid on Sexy Poetry at Paris Review August 17, 2016: Whew! Is it the heatwave or is it the Earl of Rochester that’s got us sweating? At Paris Review, poet and now-Texan Anthony Madrid shares his thoughts on canonical poetry that contains mature [...] by

Alex Dueben in Conversation with Morgan Parker at Paris Review July 25, 2016: Awesome poet, teacher, and activist (and former Harriet blogger) Morgan Parker is in the spotlight at Paris Review where Alex Dueben engages her in a conversation about the roles of Beyoncé, race, [...] by

Happy Bloomsday! June 16, 2016: How could you forget? Today is Bloomsday: the June 16 holiday that takes place on the very same day that James Joyce’s Ulysses is set. This article from the Paris Review suggests a few ways to [...] by

World Within a Word: Paris Review on the History of Word Processing May 18, 2016: From R. Crumb’s rendering of Charles Bukowski “leering” into a computer screen, to Ian McEwan’s “faithful machine,” Matthew G. Kirschenbaum considers the history [...] by

Keats’s Last Words February 24, 2016: Yesterday was the anniversary of John Keats’s death, 195 years ago in 1821. At the Paris Review Michelle Stacey marks the occasion by writing about Keats’s final years and the mysterious [...] by

Slam Dunk! Rowan Ricardo Phillips at Paris Review December 14, 2015: Paris Review published an excellent morsel of reportage this weekend: poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips on feeling good (thank good-ness) and the Golden State Warriors. Start your morning off right! When [...] by