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Literary Hub Interviews Alan Felsenthal May 18, 2017: At Literary Hub, writer Thora Siemsen contributes a perceptive interview with poet and publisher Alan Felsenthal. With Ben Estes, Felsenthal runs The Song Cave, a literary publisher that also [...] by

A Place of Sympathetic Imagination: Alan Felsenthal’s Lowly March 21, 2017: Alan Felsenthal’s debut poetry collection, Lowly (Ugly Duckling Presse), has received a thoughtful review from John Yau in Hyperallergic. Yau acknowledges Felsenthal’s largesse in the [...] by

Dennis Cooper’s Favorite Everything of 2016 Concludes With Visionary Kenward Elmslie December 20, 2016: As many artistic-minded folks tend to agree, the best year-end list of best things is Dennis Cooper’s “Mine for yours: My favorite fiction, poetry, nonfiction, film, music, art & [...] by

Michael Silverblatt’s Intro to Reissue of Kenward Elmslie’s The Orchid Stories Excerpted at Paris Review Daily November 1, 2016: Michael Silverblatt looks at Kenward Elmslie’s The Orchid Stories over at Paris Review Daily. The novel has just been reissued by The Song Cave, but apparently its first chapters were published [...] by

Entropy Reviews Four 2015 Chapbooks From The Song Cave September 23, 2016: Entropy gives The Song Cave some love, with Toby Altman reviewing four chapbooks published in 2015 for “Transitory Poetics: September 2016.” “Edited by Alan Felsenthal and Ben [...] by

Seeing Scenes: Ben Fama Reviews Lucy Ives’s The Hermit September 8, 2016: Ben Fama wrote a review of Lucy Ives’s newest, The Hermit (The Song Cave, 2016), for The Culture Trip. “Much of The Hermit regards the conceptualization of literature as novelistic. [...] by

Finally, CAConrad Interviews Emily Hunt March 9, 2016: Now it all makes sense. Nomadic Ground brings us an interview with Emily Hunt, author of the “beautiful, funny, painterly, and terrifying” poetry collection Dark Green (The Song Cave, [...] by

An Enlightening Conversation With Nate Klug at the Kenyon Review February 17, 2016: At the Kenyon Review, an interview with poet Nate Klug, whose Rude Woods, a translation of Virgil’s Eclogues, came out in 2013 from The Song Cave. Klug talks about his poem “Aporia,” [...] by

Intensely Bold: Sara Nicholson at Poetry Society of America May 14, 2015: Joshua Edwards does us all a favor by introducing the work of Sara Nicholson as part of PSA’s New American Poets Series, which annually “recognizes some of the most innovative and [...] by

Shoot, If That Ain’t Too Pretty April 17, 2015: CUNY Chapbook Festival March 31-April 2, 2015 I always try to spend at least a bit of time at the CUNY Chapbook Festival, an annual few-day event staged at the Graduate Center’s main building on [...] by