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What’s in a Name? Who Owns Primo’s Reviewed January 25, 2017: We certainly like reading lists. Thankfully, we have Gauss PDF Editions to roll ’em out. And at the Volta, Andy Martrich reviews Andy Sterling’s latest book, Who Owns Primo’s. To begin, [...] by

The Volta Reads Gladman’s Calamities January 12, 2017: At The Volta Blog, Sam Lohmann reviews Renee Gladman’s Calamities, recently published by Wave. It “wrecks genre,” Lohmann writes. “Calamities is a book about writing and how [...] by

Simone White’s Breathless Of Being Dispersed August 30, 2016: The Volta presents a fine read: Peter Myers reviews Simone White’s “relentless and exhilarating” Of Being Dispersed (Futurepoem), which is, writes Myers, “both documentation [...] by

Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora November 11, 2015: At The Volta, Scott Russell Morris reviews Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora (Les Figues Press, 2015). “There is a certain delight in the randomness, the feralness of the floral [...] by

Context/Decontext: A Conversation with Johannes Göransson October 20, 2015: Utrecht, The Netherlands & Notre Dame, Indiana, USA Here is a chance to reflect on book reviewing, and here is something to tell you up front: I am an impossibly slow reader and writer, and no [...] by

Evening Has Arrived in Affect Issue of Evening Will Come July 2, 2015: The “Affect and Poetry” issue of Evening Will Come, edited by Julie Carr and Aaron Angello, is here and well worth your reading-time. This one features essays by an incredible lot: Fred [...] by

‘Her insides are contacting you’: Fen Sun Chen’s New Book, The 8th House May 15, 2015: Lucky us: Feng Sun Chen’s latest book, The 8th House (Black Ocean 2015) is reviewed by J. Fossenbell for The Volta Blog. “Feng Sun Chen’s latest collection of poems traces an enclosed [...] by

Steven Zultanski’s Methodical & Tender Bribery January 6, 2015: Just before the New Year, Ugly Duckling Presse published Steven Zultanski’s newest book, Bribery, an unabating narration of criminal acting and readyfound atrocity that “should be put on [...] by

Rounding Up the Best of the Best of 2014 December 19, 2014: The recommendations are flowing like sand in soapy hourglasses. Lists of best-of-2014 publications are everywhere. Here are some. Some! How could we possibly keep track? These are in not much of a [...] by

Re-Reading & Re-Viewing Joseph Mosconi November 13, 2014: Over at The Volta: a graphic (no really!) review from J. Fossenbell of Joseph Mosconi’s Demon Miso/Fashion in Child (Make Now Books, 2014), the book-length poem that also serves as a [...] by