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Welcome to the Newest Issue of The Volta October 2, 2014: –also known as Evening Will Come. In this most recent issue (October 2014) Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Lily Hoang have brought together a gaggle of poets and scholars to mull the connections of [...] by

Safia Jama Unpacks the Shadowy Figures in Brett Fletcher Lauer’s Newest Collection of Poems, A Hotel in Belgium August 26, 2014: Safia Jama uncovers the strangers and shadowy traumas in Brett Fletcher Lauer’s latest collection out now from Four Way Books, called A Hotel in Belgium. The title of Brett Fletcher Lauer’s [...] by

Douglas Piccinnini Reviews Jackie Clark’s Aphoria at The Volta Blog July 17, 2014: Jackie Clark’s full-length debut collection of poetry is here! Read Douglas Piccinnini’s response to her collection at The Volta. Jackie Clark’s full-length debut, APHORIA, dwells in [...] by

At The Volta ‘How to be a Chola’ by Sandy Florian June 4, 2014: Sandy Florian responds to Aaron McCollough’s review of Carmen Giménez-Smith’s Milk and Filth at The Volta/Evening Will Come: In his review, “Strife Between the Tinctures,” Aaron [...] by

‘Tru-speaking’: John Paetsch & Gauss PDF at The Volta January 17, 2014: The Volta Blog has a great review of John Paetsch’s brnt ghst vlnt (Gauss PDF), which was also selected by them as one of the best books of 2013. Logan Fry writes: Written in three [...] by

Thinking About Poetry With Others: Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Reviews Issue of Evening Will Come November 4, 2013: A new issue of Evening Will Come is up–the monthly poetics journal and arm of The Volta (Joshua Marie Wilkinson confesses his mother refers to the “online multimedia site” as [...] by

The Volta’s Visual Art Portfolio October 2, 2013: Poets making visual art that isn’t visual poetry—heck yes! Thanks to The Volta’s October issue, you can check out a bevvy of poets working through their visual artistic practice. [...] by

On George Albon’s Aspiration, a Radical Essay in the Form of a Book September 9, 2013: It’s hard to keep track of the impressive content at The Volta, so we are here to help. Did you know that there’s a Volta blog? That is, in effect, a “reviews-based [...] by

Created for the Listening: kathryn l. pringle’s fault tree August 16, 2013: A review of kathryn l. pringle’s “dizzying, suffocating, brilliant fault tree” (Omnidawn 2012) is over at The Volta. Christopher Schaeffer writes of reading Pringle’s new [...] by

Cathy Park Hong’s New Museum Stand-Up Is Up August 8, 2013: Topping the last issue of The Conversant is a gem that we mentioned in the spring: Cathy Park Hong’s contribution to the New Museum’s “Propositions” series, Part One of which, [...] by