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Poetry in Principle April 20, 2017: Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like in the good old days, but any such assertion nowadays always seems to splinter into its ambiguities, [...] by

The Guardian Remembers Tom Raworth April 17, 2017: Geoff Ward has written a proper obituary for Tom Raworth, who passed away in February at the age of 78. “His work challenged the idea that the concept of nationhood could ever be adequate to [...] by

In Memoriam: Reading One of Tom Raworth’s Last Poems February 14, 2017: Martin Corless-Smith remembers Tom Raworth at Tarpaulin Sky. He also looks at Raworth’s “observing ‘i'” in what might be his last poem, “Previs.” Corless-Smith had [...] by

Tom Raworth, 1938–2017 February 9, 2017: In a PennSound Daily entry, Michael S. Hennessey relays the saddening news that Tom Raworth died on Wednesday, after a long battle with cancer. Raworth had prepared his friends, admirers, and readers [...] by

A Look From Litmus: Tom Raworth’s Expansive Tottering State February 18, 2016: At Litmus Press’s Tumblr, a short post about Tom Raworth’s “expansive geography,” with a revisit of the excellent book Tottering State (O Books, 2000). “One of the first [...] by

It’s Really Here: Aerial Magazine Devotes Entire Issue to Lyn Hejinian November 9, 2015: “It was a message of happiness by which we were called into the room, / as if to receive a birthday present given early”: Quite. Yes, the highly, highly anticipated, long-, long-awaited [...] by

Reissuing Tom Raworth’s Infolio (1986-1991) June 11, 2014: Danny Snelson has reissued for Jacket2 again, this time slowly killing us with Tom Raworth’s excellent magazine, Infolio (1986-91). Snelson writes: Few magazines have exploded the periodical [...] by

New Tom Raworth Poem Makes New of NOC Search Terms June 14, 2013: Posted recently to the tumblr A Fiery Flying Roule is a new poem from Tom Raworth in response to the U.S. security breach; he calls it “Just a quick doodle with some of the trigger-words in the [...] by

SALT Shifts from Solos to Series May 16, 2013: Salt, a U.K.-based poetry and fiction publisher, announced yesterday that it plans to shift its emphasis in poetry from single-author poetry collections to its popular Best British Poetry anthology [...] by

Drew Milne’s Homage to the 1982 Edition of Tom Raworth’s Writing March 26, 2013: Drew Milne has posted an homage to Tom Raworth’s amazing book Writing at the Electric Crinolines blog (while we’re at it, check out Milne’s fantastic new chapbook from The Song [...] by