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James Franco’s 10 Favorite Books Include . . . June 6, 2016: As this New York Times article reveals, James Franco has been reading a little Tony Hoagland. “Hoagland’s poems gather and distribute so much energy it’s like he’s a boxer,” he [...] by

New to the Archive October 28, 2015: The Poetry Foundation’s online archive of poetry is ever expanding. Here’s a look at some recent additions you may have missed over the last few months: Orlando White, who will be joining us as [...] by

Washington Post Reviews New Collections by Juan Felipe Herrera, Major Jackson, and Tony Hoagland August 19, 2015: For the newest installment in its on-going, monthly series of poetry reviews, The Washington Post calls attention to new collections by Juan Felipe Herrera, Major Jackson, and Tony Hoagland. The [...] by

Poetry and race April 30, 2011: I’m kinda surprised that there hasn’t been any commentary on Harriet this month about the biggest and most heated discussion in the poetry world this spring—Claudia Rankine’s public [...] by

Tony Hoagland’s “The Change” April 28, 2011: Since Tony Hoagland wrote “The Change” about a decade ago, the poem (from What Narcissism Means to Me, Graywolf 2003) has been praised by African-Americans and whites, and attacked as racist by [...] by

Shadow Boxers April 12, 2010: When I read Daisy Fried’s nerdy poet category, I thought of poets who are garrulous, who write conversational poems that careen off in one direction, then veer to investigate a side conversation, [...] by