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Amelia Dale’s TRACTOSAUR May Decimate Our Concept of the Poem! April 24, 2017: Amelia Dale’s TRACTOSAUR (Troll Thread, 2015) is given overdue attention in a review by Australia-based poet Elena Gomez at Jacket2. “A central premise of Amelia Dale’s work is that it [...] by

Troll Thread Shows Us How It’s Done July 21, 2016: If you’re one of the thimbleful of people hoping to start a small press but not sure where to start, we’ve got an instruction manual for you, just out from the good folks at Troll Thread. [...] by

Holly Melgard’s Poems for Babies Trilogy Hits Lulu’s Top 100 Books for Teens October 9, 2015: Blink and you’ll miss it: Holly Melgard’s Poems for Babies series, all meant for babies, has hit the Lulu Top 100 this week in Books for Teens [our bold]. Poems for Baby Trilogy I: Colors [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Joey Yearous-Algozin April 22, 2015: So, Volume I of my book The Compleat Purge, The Last Will & Testament of Trisha Low is dedicated to Joey Yearous-Algozin, who “raised me.” The thing is, I mean it. Like, literally, [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: V Manuscript April 20, 2015: On a facebook thread not too long ago I told V Manuscript that I would like for him to come to the Bay Area and deliver a large volume of his own blood directly into an open wound located somewhere [...] by

Real Kill List, Kill List, Naming Names, & Delusions All December 30, 2014: At Entropy, Housten Donham makes fundamental Josef Kaplan’s Kill List, using it to invoke recent essays on all things conceptual, drawing in both Barrett Watten’s “On Naming [...] by

Troll Thread Interview May 4, 2014: Tan Lin: Can you tell me how Troll Thread got started? and when exactly? Chris Sylvester: Troll Thread started in August 2010. It was another platform for the distribution of things from my tumblr. [...] by

Poetry Operations, Black Noise and Versions of Hiatus May 4, 2014: I wanted to look at a few mostly online publishing platforms that I’ve been following for the past couple of years. I’ll be doing interviews with J. Gordon Faylor at Gauss PDF, and Holly Melgard, [...] by

on the small press, part two: ‘the future is back’ April 21, 2014: The second in a series of posts featuring editors and publishers discussing their projects. First up: Noel Black and Mary Burger. —Noel Black Angry Dog Press started in 1998, I think. It was the [...] by

The 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Recap May 29, 2013: On Friday, April 5th I found myself in the wrong rust belt city, surrounded by the wrong group of rust belt poets. I was in Cleveland when I was supposed to be getting ready to write an “Open [...] by