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The History & Reissue of Constance DeJong’s Modern Love March 30, 2017: “Written between 1975-1977 from the heart of New York City’s art world, Constance DeJong’s Modern Love is a forgotten classic of narrative prose innovation,” writes Chris [...] by

The Work of the Young Authors of YALDA, Digitized March 28, 2017: This just in: The formidable YALDA (Young Artists Language & Devotion Alliance) program–founded and run solely by poet and educator Farnoosh Fathi to support young women writers–has [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney Sees Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Rise From Inky Ash March 24, 2017: Mexico’s Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651–1695) is having a moment, thanks to Ugly Duckling Presse’s Señal Series, which has published both Enigmas, twenty quartets written for a group [...] by

Ian Dreiblatt Reviews Lewis Freedman’s Residual Synonyms for the Name of God March 22, 2017: Poet, critic, and translator Ian Dreiblatt reviews Lewis Freedman’s Residual Synonyms for the Name of God (Ugly Duckling, 2016) for Music & Literature. “Faced with the instability of [...] by

A Place of Sympathetic Imagination: Alan Felsenthal’s Lowly March 21, 2017: Alan Felsenthal’s debut poetry collection, Lowly (Ugly Duckling Presse), has received a thoughtful review from John Yau in Hyperallergic. Yau acknowledges Felsenthal’s largesse in the [...] by

Alejandra Pizarnik’s The Most Foreign Country Reviewed at the Constant Critic December 14, 2016: Thanks to Ugly Duckling Presse and translator Yvette Siegert, 2017 will see Alejandra Pizarnik’s debut collection, The Most Foreign Country, in print and on shelves. And thanks to Karla Kelsey at [...] by

Claudia La Rocco Finds Presence in Reading(s) of/for Bill Berkson November 22, 2016: We mustn’t let too much more time pass before pointing out Claudia La Rocco’s beautiful response/review of Bill Berkson’s Invisible Oligarchs (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016), up at [...] by

Written in the Dark: Five Poets in the Siege of Leningrad Reviewed at LARB November 1, 2016: At Los Angeles Review of Books, Piotr Florczyk wonders after the possible poetry being written in the ongoing siege of Aleppo. Poetry is the last tangible form of hope to die, or so I believe. Surely [...] by

The Guardian Features UDP Anthology of Poetry in the Siege of Leningrad October 21, 2016: As part of the Guardian’s Translation Tuesdays by Asymptote, “Poems written during the Siege of Leningrad” excerpts from a “groundbreaking” anthology of Leningrad Siege [...] by

Judah Rubin & Lewis Freedman Give a Stunning, Not-Fake Interview at BOMB September 28, 2016: Two beautiful minds meet upon on the banks of a lake in Wisconsin to talk about “divination, food science, taxidermy, rabbinic literature, and the act of discussion itself.” Lewis [...] by