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VICE Sits Down With the Wildly Successful Rupi Kaur May 3, 2016: VICE features 23 year-old Toronto-based poet Rupi Kaur. Neha Chandrachud writes that she’s “challenged our standard definition of what it means to become an instant media and literary [...] by

At Vice’s Motherboard, On ‘Computer Bards’ December 16, 2015: For Vice’s comp-ccentric outpost Motherboard, Elizabeth Preston writes about the development of poetry-writin’ machines: in particular, those constructed by Sarah Harmon. Do engage: As a [...] by

Blake Butler Reviews Heather Christle’s Heliopause July 31, 2015: At Vice, Blake Butler reviews Heather Christle’s newest collection of poems, Heliopause (Wesleyan, 2015). He writes: “Christle’s writing has vibrantly defined itself the bearer of a [...] by

Shoot, If That Ain’t Too Pretty April 17, 2015: CUNY Chapbook Festival March 31-April 2, 2015 I always try to spend at least a bit of time at the CUNY Chapbook Festival, an annual few-day event staged at the Graduate Center’s main building on [...] by

Blake Butler Reads into UBU Editions with Vice March 4, 2015: Behold the unpublishable! Vice Magazine hosts Blake Butler’s most recent glance at Ubu Editions’s “Publishing the Unpublishable,” the e-publications series sparked by Kenneth [...] by

Joseph Mosconi’s Fright Catalog Movie Will Blow Your Mind, Sayeth VICE December 10, 2014: Over at VICE, writer Kim Kelly came across the movie for Joseph Mosconi’s book Fright Catalog (Insert Blanc Press 2013). Kelly was blown away: “It was so mesmerizing, and so wholly [...] by

Vice Reminds Us that London Graffiti Artists Were Poets September 29, 2014: Art historian and publisher George Stewart-Lockhart writes for Vice, with a sharp reminder that graffiti writers in London in the 1960s were more poet and revolutionary than artist. Favoring text [...] by

Celebrating 30 Years of Dalkey Archive! August 15, 2014: VICE’s Blake Butler chooses several books from Dalkey Archive to highlight in celebration of the press’s 30-year anniversary; and recommends titles including Dust by Arkadii [...] by

‘Mike Young is the Dante of post-boredom’ July 29, 2014: At Vice, Blake Butler serves up a swell and psychedelic introduction to the poetry of Mike Young and samples a few poems from his forthcoming Sprezzatura (due out this fall from Publishing Genius). [...] by

Paul Legault Translates Those Meaningful to Susan Sontag in On Photography July 16, 2014: Paul Legault is at his creative translation again, this time unearthing what the authors really meant in Susan Sontag’s closing quotation section in On Photography. “There’s always a [...] by