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Notes Toward a New Language: Silence: On Tacita Dean April 29, 2015: Tacita Dean is a filmmaker and photographer; she also makes drawings, installations and audio work. Dean’s work is steeped in silence and her work,  a study of silence, of what is not said, of the [...] by

Amazing Public Domain Texts Found in W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn December 10, 2013: Catch some good decreation over at The Public Domain Review, where they’ve elaborated upon the texts found in W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn: Among the many lives of the past [...] by

Instead of Reading This, You Should Be Reading David Markson (Part One) April 19, 2013: The novelist David Markson died three years ago, in early June. I got my last postcard from him, after a seven-year correspondence that started with the most fawning fan letter imaginable, in late [...] by

The Enigmatic Poetry of W.G. Sebald June 28, 2012: In the July issue of The New Republic, Ruth Franklin turns a critical eye towards W.G. Sebald’s poetry. After paying her respects to the German writer’s works of fiction, Franklin takes a close [...] by

A Filmic Ode to W.G. Sebald Comes to a Theater Near You May 7, 2012: We know poets like themselves some W.G. Sebald (and novelists like his poetry); and now we can all see a filmic ode to the German writer. The New Directions blog tells us more about the recent [...] by

Reading habits, part III December 4, 2009: This post (one resists the temptation to begin “This post-up” and imagine the electronic void one writes into playing zone defense) is part III because I think the fabulous set of comments to my [...] by