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Boo-Hooray Publishes Semina 1955-1964 Art Is Love Is God—YES!! December 3, 2013: This is groundbreaking news for the deep poetry freaks who have been fans of Wallace Berman’s foundational poetry and art journal Semina, which ran from 1955-1964, and which (according to the [...] by

New Review of Lisa Jarnot’s Biography of Robert Duncan at MAKE Mag August 30, 2013: At MAKE Magazine! Devin King reviews Lisa Jarnot’s Robert Duncan biography, officially titled Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus (UC Press 2012). Though King mostly focuses on the [...] by

Bringing John Wieners Back: Revisiting 707 Scott Street April 2, 2013: In 2001 I printed a small book, Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners, an outtake from my thesis for the Poetics Program at New College of California. I wanted it to look like a [...] by