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Poetry in Principle April 20, 2017: Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like in the good old days, but any such assertion nowadays always seems to splinter into its ambiguities, [...] by

All Stevens, All the Time: Michael Hofmann Reads Paul Mariani’s New Wallace Stevens Biography September 22, 2016: If Paul Mariani’s new Wallace Stevens biography is as engaging as Michael Hofmann’s latest LRB review of it, we suspect we have a bestseller on our hands: The Soft Machine drummer, Robert [...] by

At London Review of Books’s Blog David Bromwich Mulls Wallace Stevens & ‘The Donald’ August 12, 2016: London Review of Books’s blog features a new post by David Bromwich on Wallace Stevens’s poem “Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz.” With its lines about mobs and political groups in [...] by

A Look at American Artist Lisa Yuskavage’s Library July 25, 2016: For its column “My Bookshelf, Myself” New York Times asks painter Lisa Yuskavage about her ten favorite reads. Among her selections: Wallace Stevens’s The Palm at the End of the [...] by

‘The Whole Harmonium’: Paul Mariani Visits WBUR Boston May 27, 2016: Paul Mariani visits the studios of WBUR Boston program Here and Now to discuss his new Wallace Stevens biography The Whole Harmonium. Tune in to hear Mariani discuss Stevens’s writing and to [...] by

Wallace Stevens’s Shaping of the Art of Painter Jake Berthot April 21, 2016: At Hyperallergic, Tim Keane writes about the influence Wallace Stevens had on painter Jake Berthot. “I was reminded of lyrical poetry — its introspective urgency and quiet resonance — as I [...] by

New Biography of Wallace Stevens Portrays a Modernist Poet Floating, Detached… March 22, 2016: Adam Kirsch reviews the new Wallace Stevens biography for the Atlantic, remarking that the “story that [Paul] Mariani tells in 400 pages could be reduced, in its essentials, to 400 [...] by

White Swan, Black Swan: Poetry in an Analytical Hour February 8, 2016: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Molly Peacock’s poem “The Nurse Tree” appears in the February 2016 issue. Previous posts in this series can [...] by

Susan Howe Renders Wallace Stevens Luminous at The Nation October 16, 2015: At The Nation, Susan Howe on the essence of Wallace Stevens. “The poetry of Wallace Stevens makes me happy. This is the simple truth,” she writes. “I owe him an incalculable [...] by

In the Metaphysical Streets July 1, 2015: It’s strange being back in a city after so many idle days. I’ve come around to the possibilities of the wide open countryside. The way the countryside has been left behind. Earlier this year I [...] by