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Poetry in Principle April 20, 2017: Mind-degradable Manifesto I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to issue a manifesto like in the good old days, but any such assertion nowadays always seems to splinter into its ambiguities, [...] by

Sublime Deformations of Nature April 4, 2017: Is poetry the hot new soundtrack for fashion? Earlier this year, during New York Fashion Week, designer Tracy Reese asked four poets–Aja Monet, Dorothea Lasky, Jenny Zhang and Leslie Reese–to [...] by

Specters of Reason in Etel Adnan’s Night October 17, 2016: At Hyperallergic, Matt Turner sheds some light on Etel Adnan’s latest collection of poetry, Night (Nightboat Books 2016). Turner finds Night to be “in equal measure a series of [...] by

BREAKING NEWS: OK Computer Possibly Inspired by William Blake February 18, 2016: UK’s Metro reports on the discovery of Radiohead lyrics in a copy of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, allegedly donated to an Oxfam store. Hm… Radiohead might have taken [...] by

The Making of William Blake November 18, 2015: Ever wonder how an unknown, unread, eccentric engraver and visionary (rumored to have been insane) became the great William Blake? Over at The New York Review of Books, Richard Holmes is on the case, [...] by

Success: The Blake Society Saves William Blake’s Cottage for Posterity September 23, 2015: The Blake Society has good news, announcing today that “the sale of Blake’s Cottage was completed by the lawyers and the building is now held in trust for the nation in perpetuity.” [...] by

What’s Killing the Creative Class: Scott Timberg Explains January 26, 2015: Scott Timberg, the author of Culture Clash, explains what’s killing the creative class in his new book and at Jacket Copy. Reviewing the book, Andrew Keen writes that Timberg’s argument [...] by

Get Your Blake On December 11, 2014: According to Hyperallergic, 21 engravings from a series by William Blake about the Biblical figure of Job are now on view at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan. Here’s a glance: One of the [...] by

On Erasure at Jacket2 October 3, 2014: At Jacket 2, Mary Hickman takes on the politics and poetics of defacing and also, perhaps, “refacing” books with works by Jen Bervin and Mary Ruefle as two examples. At the 2013 [...] by

Help William Blake Save His Cottage September 12, 2014: The cottage William Blake lived in while writing two of his most beloved works, “Milton” and “Jerusalem,” is currently on the market and the Blake Society has been offered a [...] by