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Five Radicals April 27, 2017: 1. I recently realized that, in Spanish, experimentar means both “to experiment” and “to experience.” This is so obvious that I wonder if I’ve known it subconsciously, without ever having [...] by

Announcing the Very Red Lost & Found Series V!! June 2, 2015: We always want to keep you wise to what’s wise. In that regard, please hail the coming of Lost & Found Series V! The CUNY Center for the Humanities has done it again, this time featuring [...] by

Celebrate Cut-Ups with Boo-Hooray! November 4, 2014: Friday marks Day #1 for Boo-Hurray’s new exhibit about William Burroughs’s poetry cut-ups. The show, called, CUT-UPS: WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 1914 – 2014, and curated by Kevin Young and [...] by

‘Intolerable’: Authors Against Amazon Speak Out September 30, 2014: When literary lions unite, we can only hope that it will strike fear into the hearts of keepers of the Amazon. This week NY Times reports that in addition to Hachette authors, the outcry into the [...] by

It’s Keith Haring’s Visual Language Man, at BOMB August 4, 2014: Check it out! Hit the turf at BOMB Magazine for an in-depth interview with Andrew Blackley, Johanna Burton, and Scott Treleaven concerning Keith Haring’s affiliation with Brion Gysin, William [...] by

Enearthing Sounds May 3, 2014:   I want to end this April excursion in the blogosphere with a few brief notes. The purpose has been to sketch out areas for further inquiry while honoring works that over the years have helped [...] by

Burroughs: The Movie Needs Your Help! December 4, 2012: Over the weekend the Huffington Post reported on Aaron Brookner’s efforts to bring his uncle’s film, Burroughs: The Movie, back into print. A little background: In 1989, Howard Brookner [...] by

Author/Musician Collaborations June 20, 2012: The folks at Flavorwire have compiled this list of “All-Time Coolest Author/Musician Collaborations” and among the list are Mary Karr and Rodney Crowell (which we recently covered here), [...] by

Burroughs and Ginsberg at the sweat lodge May 3, 2012: Jacket Copy has tipped us off to this long interview at Sensitive Skin (art, literature and music by and for neer-do-wells, black sheep, blackguards, scoundrels, scalliwags and wastrels) with William [...] by

Turkish publisher of William Burroughs’s The Soft Machine faces jail time and obscenity charges May 17, 2011: Irfan Sanci, a winner of the International Publishers Association’s Freedom to Publish prize, is facing up to nine years of jail time in Turkey for publishing 2,500 copies of William [...] by