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Lending a Helping Hand: The New Yorker Looks at Shakespeare’s Collaborations February 21, 2017: Fumbling through the interwebs this morning, we stumbled upon Daniel Pollack-Pelzner’s recent article in The New Yorker, a review of The New Oxford Shakespeare, with a focus on the radical [...] by

Oxford University Press Credits Christopher Marlowe October 26, 2016: There’s a new name on the title pages of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays, Oxford University Press edition: Christopher Marlowe. Surprised much? As Gary Taylor, a New Oxford [...] by

Propounding & Dispelling Myths Through Literary Tourism October 10, 2016: At Public Books, Maia Silber writes an essay that covers the “poetical pilgrimage,” clocking a visit to Stratford-upon-Avon like any good Shakespeare acolyte, and a move to the literary [...] by

‘Not So Fast, OED,’ Says Shakespeare Scholar September 16, 2016: According to a new article by University of Melbourne lecturer Dr. David McInnis, published for the university, the Oxford English Dictionary may have falsely credited William Shakespeare as the [...] by

American Theatre Explores Shakespeare’s Complex American Celebrity August 5, 2016: In a recently published American Theatre article, “Shakespeare, Once and Future American,” Andrew Carlson and Charlotte M. Canning outline William Shakespeare’s complex, canonical [...] by

Germaine Greer, William Shakespeare, and Turned-on Housewives June 1, 2016: More from England’s Hay Festival: Germaine Greer claims William Shakespeare brought erotic poetry to “ordinary women” such as wives and servants, for the first time. “This is [...] by

NY Times Follows First Folio to Its South Dakota Debut March 29, 2016: Prompted by the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Folger Shakespeare Library is sending a flock of William Shakespeare’s First Folios on a nationwide tour called First Folio: The [...] by

The Case of the Headless Bard March 25, 2016: Did an 18th century doctor rob poor William Shakespeare of his noggin? Perhaps, reports Christopher D. Shea at the New York Times. As it turns out, recent scans of the Bard’s grave show [...] by

‘Whither would you go?’ British Library Digitizes Shakespeare’s Handwritten Plea on Behalf of Migrants March 16, 2016: The British Library is digitizing William Shakespeare’s last play script in his own handwriting: a scene where the playwright imagines Sir Thomas More making a statement on behalf of migrants. [...] by

Virtually Visit Shakespeare’s World February 4, 2016: Always wanted to visit the Globe in the 16th century, but never have? We know the feeling. According to an article published in Popular Science, now you can visit a virtual reality rendering of [...] by