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Love Poems

Classic and contemporary love poems to share.
Classic Love

Bird Understander, Craig Arnold

To My Dear and Loving Husband, Anne Bradstreet

The Sun Rising, John Donne

Sonnet 40, William Shakespeare

Sonnet 65, William Shakespeare

Song: To Celia, Ben Jonson

Teen Love

Poem for My Love, June Jordan

A Glimpse, Walt Whitman

Valentine, Tom Pickard

I Love You, Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Recitative, A.E. Stallings

Romantic Love

I Loved You First, Christina Rossetti

You, Therefore, Reginald Shepherd

Poem to an Unnameable Man, Dorothea Lasky

Lines Depicting Simple Happiness, Peter Gizzi

Flirtation, Rita Dove

[love is more thicker than forget], E. E. Cummings

Break Up

Poem, Jill Alexander Essbaum

They Flee From Me, Thomas Wyatt

The Nails, W.S. Merwin

I'll Open the Window, Anna Swir

A Communication Which the Author Had to London, Before She Made Her Will, Isabella Whitney

Neutral Tones, Thomas Hardy

Funny Love

Love Explained, Jennifer Michael Hecht

Windchime, Tony Hoagland

The Quiet World, Jeffrey McDaniel

Video Blues, Mary Jo Salter

Bar Napkin Sonnet #11, Moira Egan

Sad Love

Yours & Mine, Alice Fulton

Somewhere or Other, Christina Rossetti

Venice, Unaccompanied, Monica Youn

Take, Oh, Take Those Lips Away, John Fletcher

A Broken Appointment, Thomas Hardy


Inviting a Friend to Supper, Ben Jonson

Tenderness and Rot, Kay Ryan

Sonnet: I Thank You, Henry Timrod

Blue Ridge, Ellen Bryant Voigt

Luciferin, Dean Young

Love and Friendship, Emily Jane Brontë


First Poem for You, Kim Addonizio

"Lying in bed I think about you ...", Joshua Beckman

Aubade, Amber Flora Thomas

Project for a Fainting, Brenda Shaughnessy

The Imperfect Enjoyment, John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

Upon Julia's Breasts, Robert Herrick

I Miss You

The Day is Gone, John Keats

Valentine, Lorna Dee Cervantes

Dear One Absent This Long While, Lisa Olstein

Country Love Song, Melanie Almeder

Then, Roddy Lumsden

In Loving Memory

We Never Know, Yusef Komunyakaa

Love Letter (Clouds), Sarah Manguso

Methought I saw my late espousèd saint, John Milton

You Were You Are Elegy, Mary Jo Bang

Buried at Springs, James Schuyler

An Elegy, Ben Jonson

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