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“O Love, thou art winged and swift,
   Yet stay with me evermore!”
And I guarded my house with bolt and bar
   Lest Love fly forth at the door.

Without, in the world, ’t was cold,
   While Love and I together
Laughed and sang by my red hearth-fire,
   Nor knew it was winter weather.

Sweet Love would lull me to sleep,
   In his tireless arm caressed;
His shadowing wings and burning eyes
   Like night and stars wrought rest.

And ever the beat of Love’s heart
   As a chime rang at my ear;
And ever Love’s bending, beautiful face
   Covered me close from fear.

Was it long ere I waked alone?
   A snow-drift whitened the floor;
I saw spent ashes upon my hearth
   And Death in my open door.

Source: The Poems of Sophie Jewett (1910)
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Related Poem Content Details

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