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Getting a Word In

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Very sad,
Having to
Come out of nowhere,

The rain
We’ve been waiting for
Is waiting too.

By now,
Have had enough daylight.

They’d like,
To sleep it off.

If nothing
Else, nothing

Behind our backs
Things mean themselves.
Violins crack

From wanting to exist.
It’s hard, getting a word in.
I’m waiting

To arrive inside my clothes,
If nothing else,

To be (having to
Come out of nowhere)
Very sad.

James Galvin, “Getting a Word In” from Resurrection Update: Collected Poems 1975-1997. Copyright © 1997 by James Galvin. Used by permission of Copper Canyon Press, www.coppercanyonpress.org.
Source: Resurrection Update (Copper Canyon Press, 1997)
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Getting a Word In

Related Poem Content Details

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