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  4. [everyone’s dying . . .] by kari edwards
[everyone’s dying . . .]

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everyone’s dying

everyone’s dying to die
everyone’s in my way
on my way to die
it’s too hot and dusty to die
I am eating the ashes of the dead
eating the exhaust of cars
an image sacrifice
looking for a boat to heaven
your boat has bad karma
out of the way
I am burning inside of shame
I am at the seat of ash
on a boat to nowhere
burning inside
I am the end of time
shiva orange
rat queen
goddess of money
sleeping in time to die at the hands of doms
sunrise to sunrise from the beiginning of time
alone at the end of time
rowing nowhere
lost in serpentine alleys
amongst the amputees and water buffalos
amongst dust breathing souls
looking into eyes
looking back
for anything
not burning

kari edwards, “[everyone’s dying . . .]” from Bharat jiva. Copyright © 2009 by kari edwards. Reprinted by permission of Litmus Press.
Source: Bharat jiva (Litmus Press, 2009)
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[everyone’s dying . . .]

Related Poem Content Details

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