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  4. [There is someone who knows] by Roberto Tejada
[There is someone who knows]

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There is someone who knows.

In no beginning
         was there just one language
nor did the surface gleam

with nineteen hours
of music as in our body-heat
through the head & limbs

the thumb and index finger
to form the ovular OH
of our self-fathering fable

war flail ≈ morning star

The original garden erudite,
lush lawn, & round
of trees
behind the limestone square, night

rain out of paper, under
the lights of the narrow
path up the rose hill.

From a dark corner rising now

to write orange with a knife
over green of the elusive
wall no one is watching

Roberto Tejada, “[There is someone who knows]” from Exposition Park. Copyright © 2010 by Roberto Tejada. Reprinted by permission of Wesleyan University Press.
Source: Exposition Park (Wesleyan University Press, 2010)
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[There is someone who knows]

Related Poem Content Details

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