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Little or Nothing

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there are these trees.
and beyond these trees,
trees. and beyond that
little or nothing. little
fields and nothing but sky.

Ken Mikolowski, "Little or Nothing" from Big Enigmas. Copyright © 1991 by Ken Mikolowski.  Reprinted by permission of Ken Mikolowski.
Source: Big Enigmas (Past Tents Press, 1991)
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Little or Nothing

Related Poem Content Details

  • Born and raised in Detroit, poet and editor Ken Mikolowski earned a BA at Wayne State University. He is the author of several poetry collections, including Big Enigmas (1991), Little Mysteries (1979), and Thank You Call Again (1973).
    In the 1960s Mikolowski founded the Alternative Press in Detroit’s Cass Corridor with his late wife, the painter Ann Mikolowski. As the press’s editor for 30 years, Mikolowski published—as unbound letterpress-printed mail art—the work of local Detroit poets as well as nationally recognized Beat and Black Mountain poets, including Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg.
    In 1983 the Mikolowskis’ work with the Alternative Press was recognized with an Arts Achievement Award from Wayne State University. In the catalog for the exhibit Time and Place: Art of Detroit’s Cass Corridor at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Mikolowski discussed his motivation for starting a poetry press in post-riot Detroit: “We lived in ‘one of the worst cities...

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