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André Breton’s Apartment

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the madder runs
like blood

lifeblood of
the livebud

that kindles next to earth

the hair on the church is water
the lovebirds curve their crutches down

so long
to the sacred

so long to the fingerbone that lingers on

if i’m alive
it’s no thanks to you

if i’m comatose
let’s make the most of it

tomato ghost

rude twilight

ruby tear

discipline disappears
between the shapeless necklace
and the cloudy robe of shrapnel

in the absence
of incense

no balm can grease
the throbbing temples

of the rotting world

Garrett Caples, “André Breton’s Apartment” from Complications. Copyright © 2007 by Garrett Caples, published by Meritage Press. Reprinted by permission of Garrett Caples.
Source: Complications (Meritage Press, 2007)
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André Breton’s Apartment

Related Poem Content Details

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