My Sin

My sin is
an act of cruelty
depriving myself
of worldly desires.

Locked in a rented room
I sit all day, listening
to the murmurs
of many-headed visions.

Cockroaches are
my temporary friends
in their underground

The ocean is
my mother I visit in need
of love
and companionship.
She only listens
to my laughs and cries
like God in presence.

Old wounds
all over again
hand in hand
off and on
like jealous friends
wanting someone else’s credit.

Under a lamp in the night
I meet a unicorn
in my mirror.

Chungmi Kim, “My Sin” from Glacier Lily. Copyright © 2004 by Chungmi Kim. Reprinted by permission of Red Hen Press.
Source: Glacier Lily (Red Hen Press, 2004)
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