Englishmen’s Footprints

                 plantain makes a
            good tea. its seeds are
            crushed and used as a
            laxative. it is found in
         every english garden. now
          its leaves are pushing up
        everywhere. you can find it
             outside every english
        settlement, its long leaves
              with parallel veins,
          its central stocks of tiny
               flowers. wherever
                  the english go
          grows in their footsteps.
                 when you see it
          you’ll know that they’re
            near. that english boy
             found his way home
                following those
                footsteps. when
                     you see it
               go the other way

Cheryl Savageau, “Englishmen’s Footprints” from Mother/Land. Copyright © 2006 by Cheryl Savageau. Reprinted by permission of Salt Publishing.
Source: Mother/Land (Salt Publishing, 2006)