Someone said
                 that working through difficult equations
was like walking
in a pure and beautiful landscape –
                                              the numbers glowing
                                                           like works of art.
And in the same crowded room
a woman I thought I didn’t like
                                               was singing to herself –
talking and listening
                                          but singing to herself too
and instantly
                        with the logic of numbers
                                                                       I liked her
as if she had balanced something
I couldn’t.
The corridors are long and pristine
                                                          but I’m not lost –
just working
         towards some minute
                                                 or overwhelming

Caroline Caddy, “Equation” text from Esperance, Fremantle Press, 2007; audio from The Tibetan Cabinet, Audio CD, River Road Press, 2010: by permission of River Road Press and the poet. Copyright © 2007, 2010 by Caroline Caddy.
Source: Esperance (Fremantle Press, 2007)
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