valerie bertinelli

I am a girl who sees the world in everything.
I wonder in a 100 years if the world will just flip.
I upload the roar of children, chop cauliflower
because I want to see the ones I love
as loving me forever. I see colorful daisies
as the children of lawns
swaying unfruitfully in the wind. I want the ones
who pretend they are without wings to protect me
touch sun, feel hearts—
in that instant I understand almost everything

Pretending I am flying
over the worry and loss of this city
into the warm sun, to touch who l can.
I worry, making canapés over the sink,
that nothing will be easy, ever
if all of this is happening for reasons,
that that family is my family, crying out in pain,
thin daisies bent flat in a summer wind.

I understand that almost, when they cry
why nothing is easy in this world with its reasons.
I pretend I am without wings to protect me—
I dream one day of a city that’s at peace.
I see something good that is in everyone. In a 100
years I wonder will the world just flip.

Rodney Koeneke, “Valerie Bertinelli” from Etruria. Copyright © 2014 by Rodney Koeneke. Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.
Source: Etruria (Wave Books, 2014)
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