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  • February 2012

    Invention and Attention in the February 2012 Poetry.

  • January 2012

    Stops and Starts in the January 2012 Poetry.

  • December 2011

    Questioning the Answers in the December issue of Poetry.

  • November 2011

    Form and Function in the November 2011 Poetry.

  • October 2011

    Macrocosms and miniatures in the October issue of Poetry.

  • September 2011

    The literal and the metaphorical in the September issue of Poetry.

  • July/August 2011

    The July/August double issue of Poetry searches for hidden, transformative treasures in food, photos, and David Ferry. 

  • June 2011

    The problems and joys of translation in the June issue.

  • May 2011

    The May issue showcases savvy puns and slips of the tongue.

  • April 2011

    The April issue investigates poetry's audience.

  • March 2011

    Identity crises in the March issue of Poetry.

  • February 2011

    The February issue provides an opportunity to explore the connections between poetry and rap.

  • January 2011

    Is there a right way to read a poem?

  • December 2010

    Questions and answers in the December issue of Poetry.

  • September 2010

    Dizzying highs in the September issue of Poetry.

  • April 2010

    Everything you wanted to know about poetry but were afraid to ask.

  • December 2009

    Strange encounters of the poetic kind in the December issue of Poetry.

  • September 2009

    This discussion guide provides suggestions and questions to get readers started exploring the September issue of Poetry. The questions provided are by no means definitive but provide context for the...

  • April 2009

    Each April, Poetry magazine devotes its pages exclusively to poetry in translation, bringing its readers creative inspiration and cultural insight from around the globe. From Arabic to Zapotec, this year’s...

  • December 2008

    Sometimes a poem’s subject is obvious: it has a story to tell, an incident to relate, or an anecdote to share. It’s easy to see on the surface what the...