“Is all at least partially as you might wish?”

1.  Is all at least partially as you might wish?
2. Was the flat even slightly in shape to be sent off?
And O what gravity sits upon me here
Indeed I am a fellow with something of the world upon my
I turn and say to you “Now I work. I earn to learn!”
Masters of thought
The Arts
Anthropology and Culture
World Literature
Conflicting World Capitals
I am in a library for this week and then tickets to be taken.
And so I might tell you more of this
Like a crow with wings that will not come down
A cock o’ the walk fluffing a pretty feather.
There is a thing I can’t shake from my mind though.
That Limbo you must have automatically slipped me to.
I remember mentioning the fact of  it to a child
In my convent days
She neatly placed me with a slight half shiver
In that gray-green unborn world
I could taste the color — finger the dullfelt mute of a place.
You said, “And indeed that explains it!”
I, perhaps, see strings of nuns
Like black pearls drawn slowly t’ards the step
And well there may be a star at the top
And there are the doleful moods of my mock-goblin godliness.