The Tooth

Two men share
one tooth. From

one tooth the men
predict the world.

Thank you! or
we would not exist.

Two men and one
tooth is not a problem.

One man is wide
and one man is sober.

Sometimes the men are
the same. Little tooth

is the light of the
orchard. From

it all things are
made up. Once

the two men lost
the tooth and every

one disappeared.
No one was angry

because no one was
there. The men

found the tooth
when the tooth

started laughing.
The men said what

is that noise and
the world came

back on. They told
the tooth that’s not

funny but it was
very funny. One

man swallowed
the tooth and put

on all the sad

He wanted to
punish the tooth

but the tooth
punished him. It

lasted three hours
and then he threw

up. The two men
live in a cave with

bay windows. To
be in love is so

solemn think the
two men once

a year. The tooth
never thinks any

thing. It is the
tooth of a goat.

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