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W. Di Piero, Albert Goldbarth, Zach Finch, Moira Egan, Nance Van Winckel, Fred Muratori, Susanne Dubroff, Scott Cairns, Kevin Young, Averill Curdy, Jeanne Walker, Debora Greger, Kevin Meaux, Meghan Hickey, James Ragan, Mark Jarman, David Lehman, Stephen Dobyns, Billy Collins, Arthur Meryash, Bob Hicok, Lynne Knight, Lynn Powell, Lisa Goff, Alfred Corn, Karen Scoon, Timothy Pickering, Michael Salcman, Patrick McGuinness, Christopher Locke, Kenneth Rosen, Steven Cramer, James Smolens, Peter Campion

Louis Faurer, "Social Patron, Dance with Pretty Girls, 1959."

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