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Eric McHenry, Barbara Bates, Jack Labusch, Jay Robinson, Robert Daseler, Bill Daugherty, Deena Hardin, Mike Van Winkle, Mark Soifer, Jeffrey Shotts, Margaret Blaker, Karie Friedman, Robert Sayre, A. Moritz, Neisha Tweed, Dan Beachy-Quick, Amit Majmudar, Elizabeth Hadaway, Christine Garren, Allison Jenks, Robert Bly, Alison Pelegrin, Austin Hummell, Randall Mann, Cate Marvin, James Ragan, Chase Twichell, James Tate, Ralph Sneeden, Robert Wrigley, Ted Genoways, Charlie Smith, Albert Goldbarth, Alex Ross, Patricia Barber, Rachel Cohen, James Cuno, Chris Hedges, Michael Hofmann, Danielle Chapman, James Campbell, Jesse Jennison

Unknown Photographer, film negative G1989.0152, n.d., Chicago Historical Society

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