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Billy Collins, Dean Young, Wendy Videlock, X Kennedy, Geoffrey Brock, John Updike, Joanie Mackowski, Peter Dufault, Paul Muldoon, Joan Murray, Molly McQuade, Mark Halliday, David Mason, Mary Lee, Andrew Hudgins, Rebecca Hoogs, Norbert Hirschhorn, Eleanor Wilner, Richard Kenney, Bob Hicok, Philip Appleman, Reginald Gibson, Albert Goldbarth, J. Rosser, Roger Mitchell, Sandra Gilbert, Campbell McGrath, Lee Upton, Joan Landis, Dirk Caraway, Gertrude Zweibach, Annabelle Wagenschmidt, Hunter Prescott, Daisy Fried, Wendy Macleod

Maira Kalman, “I Feel a Sense of Dread . . . ,” 2006

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