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Tony Hoagland, Joan Murray, Patricia Smith, Edward Hirsch, Brad Leithauser, Molly McQuade, Wyn Cooper, Kevin Young, Dean Young, John Updike, Richard Wilbur, Joanie Mackowski, David Lehman, Campbell McGrath, John Rybicki, Todd Boss, John Brehm, X Kennedy, Alice Friman, W. Merwin, Robert Wrigley, Billy Collins, Bruce Smith, Wendy Cope, Albert Goldbarth, Conor O'Callaghan, David Orr, Naeem Murr, Vivian Gornick, Sven Birkerts, Christopher Hitchens, Phyllis Rose, Bill Yankee, Rick Moody, Joseph Epstein, Michael Lewis

Barry Blitt, "P in the Water," 2007

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