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Atsuro Riley, Fiona Sampson, Devin Johnston, David Orr, Todd Boss, Neil Fischer, Vona Groarke, Li-Young Lee, Siobhán Campbell, Geoffrey Brock, Raffaello Baldini, Franco Fortini, Alda Merini, Patrizia Cavalli, Milo De Angelis, Umberto Fiori, Antonella Anedda, Valerio Magrelli, Fabio Pusterla, Patrizia Valduga, Franco Buffoni, Gianluigi Simonetti, Heather McHugh, Clive James, Lauren Watel, Ange Mlinko, Stan Leavy, James O'Keefe, William Rice, Vivek Sharma

Noah Scalin, "#60 Flower Skull," 2007

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