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Joshua Mehigan, David Biespiel, Carl Dennis, Kathryn Starbuck, Geoffrey Brock, Wendy Videlock, Jason Guriel, Albert Goldbarth, Heather McHugh, Robert Wrigley, Tom Sleigh, Kevin McFadden, Bob Hicok, William Johnson, Glyn Maxwell, Philip Memmer, Billy Collins, Robin Behn, Dean Young, D. Nurkse, Heidy Steidlmayer, Stephen O’connor, Peter Gizzi, Jack Spicer, Adam Seelig, Yehuda Amichai, W. Di Piero, Fanny Howe, Haki Madhubuti, Robert Pinsky, Michael Hofmann, Eleanor Wilner, Marjorie Perloff, Vivian Gornick, David Orr, John Balaban, Joseph Bednarik, Michael Wiegers, Ankur Saha, Rod Riesco, Stephen Dunn

Bruce McCall, “Shakespeare authorship solved,” 2008.

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