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Roberto Bolaño, Philip Levine, Mary Szybist, Fiona Sampson, Billy Collins, Elaine Equi, Jorge Sánchez, Stephen Edgar, William Logan, Geof Huth, mIEKAL aND, K. Ernst, Sheila Murphy, derek beaulieu, Peter Ciccariello, Bob Dahlquist, Jesse Ferguson, Scott Helmes, Joel Lipman, gustave morin, jörg piringer, Philip Gallo, Michael Basinski, Adam Kirsch, Carmine Starnino, Ange Mlinko, Robert Archambeau, Jay Robinson, Mischa Willett, David Tinling, Paul Healy, Loren Keller, Fraser Sutherland, Gertrude Rubin

Ana Benaroya, “Portrait of a Girl,” 2008.

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