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Samuel Menashe, Dan Beachy-Quick, Belle Randall, Don Paterson, Liz Waldner, Atsuro Riley, Lucia Perillo, Kelle Groom, David Harsent, Katia Kapovich, Malachi Black, Sandra McPherson, Desirée Alvarez, Colin Cheney, Spencer Reece, Mary Schmich, Dennis Jacobs, Douglas Wolk, Fernando Perez, Lin Hixson, William Vollmann, Michael Hofmann, Ange Mlinko, Michael Robbins, Etienne Ndayishimiye, David Shook, Henry Gould, Michael Marcinkowski, Ina Loewenberg, Alan Cohen, Michael Hudson, Robert Archambeau, Tom Sleigh, C. Williams

Cathie Bleck, "Transformations," 2009.

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